Muse S (Gen 2) Premium Subscription Bundle


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Muse S (Gen 2) Premium Subscription Bundle

Muse is perfect for anyone who wants to:

  • Reduce daily stress
  • Improve their mental wellbeing
  • Improve their meditation practice
  • Improve their sleep
  • Improve their daily mood
  • Live a calmer, more relaxed, present life

Muse is a smart headband that acts as your personal meditation and sleep coach. Using advanced EEG brain sensors, Muse can detect your brain activity and provide you with real-time feedback in the form of gentle audio sounds through your headphones.

The Premium Bundle Unlocks:

✓ The ability to pair your Muse with your favorite apps
✓ Access to 500+ guided meditations
✓ Access to expert-led programs
✓ New content released monthly

More About the Vendor:

Who is Muse?

InteraXon is a Toronto-based innovator in the field of brain-sensing technology, with a history of designing memorable experiences from a levitating chair to a brain powered beer tap. Over 50,000 people have experienced InteraXon’s brain-sensing technology, and this continues to grow.

Introducing the Muse headband

In 2014, InteraXon launched their first product, Muse: the brain sensing headband. Muse is a brain fitness tool that senses your brain like a heart monitor reads your heart rate. Muse uses short, fun sessions to help you calm your mind, increase focus and composure and reduce stress.

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