Affiliate marketing commitments


At the end of November 2020, Myrth decided to open an e-commerce store. In addition to the MyMoai app, the impressive blog, the Myrth Protocol (and impending book release) and the social media campaigns, Myrth wanted to offer something tangible. The founder of Myrth, Emma McLaren, is a die hard minimalist and not a big consumer - from her days as a nomad - so selling goods was not top of mind when founding Myrth. However, she soon came to realize that building better habits, resisting bad screen time, practical self-care and improving social relationships required stuff - even if not a lot of stuff. For her own Myrth Protocol, Emma uses a Kindle with e-books, a journal, a yoga mat, coffee alternative drinks, a water bottle, comfy pants and tops, practical headphones, a Fitbit tracker and her phone - wow that’s a lot of stuff! And so why not curate a store to fit her customers’ digital wellness needs as well? And so Shop Myrth was born. Shop Myrth: Where Tech and Wellness Meet. But if she was going to do it she was going to do it mindfully and values based. Below are the Myrth, and Shop Myrth, commitments for sourcing you stuff to buy.

Myrth “Sourcing Stuff for you” Promises

Promise 1, Small Business:

We love data here at Myrth - even when it’s not our quantified self data. Shop Myrth currently has 45 products by 9 vendors (22.11.2020). 80% of our products do not come from Amazon (excluding books), 51% come from small businesses and 33% come from women owned businesses. We promise, as the Shop evolves, we will improve these numbers. Our current goal is by July 2021: 90% of products will not come from Amazon (excluding books), 63% of products will come from small businesses and 44% will come from women owned businesses. If you own a small businesses and have an affiliate program that would fit in our Shop, please contact us.

Promise 2, Procurement:

Did you know that the founder of Myrth used to work in the sustainability world. That’s right, many people don’t know that Emma McLaren was a sustainable seafood consultant for almost a decade. Her familiarity with supply chains, procurement, suppliers and corporate social responsibility policies is deep. It is no surprise that she has brought this knowledge and these values over to our Shop Myrth. We promise while we use affiliate programs to source from vendors who share our values of eco-friendly, locally sourced, fair trade and supporting small businesses. When Shop Myrth expands to having its own products, we promise to carry these values over to our suppliers and resources.

Promise 3, Using Affiliates & Transparency:

Have you ever started something completely new and tried to do it the hard way? Us too, but when it came to Shop Myrth, our CEO Emma McLaren decided to take baby steps. Using affiliates to source our products meant we didn’t have to worry about warehouses, shipping and production to begin with. Using affiliates is also good business, as it will create a revenue stream for Myrth. We like to see it as curation for all your digital wellness needs - a one-stop-shop so to speak. It is also our way of supporting women owned businesses and small businesses (as discussed above). Emma is no stranger to some of the negative image that affiliate marketing has - from her days as a digital nomad - but as with almost everything, there are good and bad ways of doing it. We are promising to do it the good way through transparency, social responsibility and collaboration.