Gaiam Relax Restorative Eye Pillow


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Gaiam Relax Restorative Eye Pillow

Get deeper relaxation and into your meditation with the Gaiam Relax Restorative Eye Pillow. This soft and soothing satin-covered eye pillow has a lavender scented fill that provides natural calming aromatherapy to help relieve tension and stress. The ideal tool for relaxation, meditation, and yoga.

    • Relieves tension and stress
    • Satin-covered eye pillow
    • Calming lavender scented fill
    • Provides natural aromatherapy
    • Ideal for relaxation, meditation, and yoga

Measurements: 8.5"L x 4"W.

Materials: Polyester cover filled with lavender and flax/rice. 

 (Sold by Gaiam)

About the Vendor:

Gaiam was created as a multichannel lifestyle company to provide choices that allow people to live a more natural and healthy life with respect for the environment. Our vision was inspired by the growing number of people who make purchasing decisions based on personal values. We believe that it is through the simple choices we make every day that we can transform the world in which we live.


Gaiam (pronounced "GUY-um"), is a fusion of "Gaia"—the name of the Ancient Greek Mother Earth goddess—and "I am.” It means, roughly, “I am the Earth” and is meant to encapsulate a sense of the beautiful interconnectivity of all things. At Gaiam, we believe that by nurturing, protecting and respecting the Earth and everyone and everything that exists here, we enrich our own lives and those of future generations.


Our mission is to use our standing as a leading lifestyle brand to make yoga, fitness and wellness accessible to all.

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