GiveBack Mala in Rose Quartz

Matrika Mala

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GiveBack Mala in Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz is called a stone of unconditional love and known to work with the Heart Chakra on opening to all forms of love. Inspiring gentleness, forgiveness, compassion, kindness and tolerance, rose quartz’s soothing energy can help to balance emotions, drawing in peace and tranquility.

The rose quartz in this mala is paired with rudraksha seeds, translated as the Tears of Shiva (Rudra = Shiva, Aksha = tears), the Rudraksha used in Matrika malas have mainly five Mukhis or faces. Denoted in the ancient Yogic texts, the electromagnetic properties contained in the seeds are found to calm the central nervous system, bring clarity into the mind and when worn at the heart, regulating the heartbeat and blood flow.

Adorning the bodies of saints and sages for thousands of years rudraksha seeds, combined with the soft pink of rose quartz, creates a lovely opportunity to harmonize and give back!

 Created with repurposed gemstones and fresh organic elements, such as rudraksha seeds, and organic beading and tassel string, each upcycled mala necklace offers a way to support a circular economy and help three incredible community nonprofit organizations.

Fifty percent of the profits from every GiveBack mala purchased is donated directly to one of the local nonprofits participating in MatrikaMala’s GiveBack program: Asha Sanctuary, Samadhi and Learning & Ideas for Tibet. At checkout you will have an opportunity to decide which of these organizations you’d like to receive your donation or you can pick all three! Find out more about the nonprofits we’ve partnered by signing up to receive Letters From OM or on the GiveBack page.

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MatrikaMala is a woman-owned, US-based, purpose driven mala company that creates mala necklaces using Fair Trade gemstones. The essence of our malas is also the breath of our company and supports our vision of using our presence as a force for good. Our pieces are made individually using responsibly sourced elements and we make every effort to use Fair Trade, organic/biodegradable materials with a transparent history and are continuously looking for ways to lessen our impact on the planet.

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