The Loftie Clock- White or Black


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What if we stopped using
our phones as our alarms?

Technology, blue light, and stress hurt our ability to feel relaxed, fall asleep, and wake up refreshed. We’re out to break the cycle by removing the smartphone from bedtime and morning routines. Upgrade your rest, one good night’s sleep at a time.

STRESS BUSTING MACHINE: Go to sleep relaxed
and stay that way.

Meditations, Sound baths, and Breathwork. Unique content from the best instructors out there, now available on your nightstand—no phone required. Plus: Storytime is back and it’s going to knock your slippers off.

content with Loftie.

While there’s no app required, we understand you might already have a bedtime routine that works. Loftie connects with dozens of apps so you can listen to your favorite content phone free. 

More about the Vendor:

Loftie: A brand dedicated to creating better tech-life balance for people everywhere. Because technology is only as good as the way it makes us feel, we design things that make you feel optimally rested, relaxed, and refreshed. Happy. Our first product, the Loftie Clock, began with a question: How do we help people feel less dependent on smartphones at home? Thousands of hours of R&D later, we’re excited to bring you the fruits of our labor. Now, with a little help from you, we’re out to retake slumberland. One good night's sleep at a time.

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