Moon Phase Purple Yoga Mat


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Moon Phase Purple Yoga Mat

Inspire your practice and decorate your space with Yoga Moon Phase Mats! The perfect mat for mindful activities of all kinds: yoga, pilates, stretching, meditation + more. Printed with gradient crescent moon design on natural white mat. The thick 6mm textured surface provides a sticky grip and firm supportive cushioning. Made with 6P free PVC and eco-friendly inks for a healthy home and planet. The 72” x 24” mat is lightweight and portable for home or studio use.

(Sold by Mama Wunderbar)

      About the Vendor:

      Mama Wunderbar is a drastically growing women-led business in Studio City, California. We specialize in self-care and offer products that promote essential wellness. We handcraft our smudge sticks with love, charge our healing crystals under full moons, and curate kits to promote intentional, focused healing. 

      Our store is beside our RITUAL factory where you get to experience and sample all of our high vibrational smudge sticks, incenses, candles and herbs. We have a herbal bar composed of medicinal goodness. Come experience some magic with us as you browse through our extensive floral and herbal inventory, or attend to one of our ongoing DIY classes. We pride ourselves in offering over 150 flowers and herbs, from classics to rare herbs all either organic, sustainably grown or wildcrafted goods from around the world.

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