Variscite Knotted Mala

Matrika Mala

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Variscite Knotted Mala

This Utah Variscite with its magnificent hues of apple and fern green with steely-grey inclusions is a relatively rare mineral. The aluminum deposits and ‘tuned-in’ feeling of this stone paired with the calm of sterling silver accent beads are a natural combination. Alongside the aliveness of Rudraksha seeds, this mala emits a stabilizing vibe.

The calm that variscite is known for also brings increased clarity and insight. Aluminum inclusions running throughout this stone create a unique appeal both aesthetically and vibrationally. It’s a gemstone like no other and relatively rare in its appearance on the earth and in its energetic qualities.

Mala Details

Every mala is unique and the length provided is approximate. 

· Length: Approximately 35 in. (80 cm.)

· 108 beads (plus 1 guru beads)

· 11 sterling silver seed beads

· 6mm Rudraksha

· Fair Trade gemstones

· Cotton/linen tassel

· Made by hand in the USA


(Sold by MatrikaMala)


About the Vendor

MatrikaMala is a woman-owned, US-based, purpose driven mala company that creates mala necklaces using Fair Trade gemstones. The essence of our malas is also the breath of our company and supports our vision of using our presence as a force for good. Our pieces are made individually using responsibly sourced elements and we make every effort to use Fair Trade, organic/biodegradable materials with a transparent history and are continuously looking for ways to lessen our impact on the planet.

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